ONTOLAB has been established with a transdisciplinary approach to explore the issues of cognitive processes in computer environments in order to understand and develop solic instructional decisions for e-learning. Within the scope of this vision, we intent to develop new concepts and applications by incorporating the knowledge, principles and methods of cognitive psychology, instructional sciences, and computer sciences.

ONTOLAB has been established within the department of computers education and instructional technologies at theCollege of Education at Hacettepe University.

ONTOLAB aims at ;

  • carrying out research investigating the cognitive processes in e-learning environments,
  • developing computer-based versions of neuropsychological tests ,
  • cognitive profiling and designing e-learning platforms based on cognitive profiling,
  • constructing and evaluating ontologies in line with cognitive profiling , and
  • designing adaptive learning environments.
Hacettepe University
06800 Beytepe Ankara