• Investigating the Effects of Computer Based Affective Recommendation System on Teacher Trainees Cognitive-Emotional Development. Click for project details.

  • Developing a dyscalculia screening tool to determine the tendencies toward dyscalculia for the Turkish students at the ages between 6-11. TUBITAK  R&D Funding Program, Project No: 111K545 (15-March-2012- ongoing)
  • “Modeling the Influence Of Cognitive Based Individual Differences On Programming Performance of Undergraduates.” TUBITAK-1002 Short Term R&D Funding Program, Project No: 112K615 (01.02.2013 / 01.12.2013).
  • “Investigating the correlates of disorientation in e-learning environments within cognitive psychology paradigm” Hacettepe University,  Scientific Research Office  1-08A704004  (2009-2011).
Hacettepe Üniversity
06800 Beytepe Ankara